Teresa S, Levitown, NY

To say it was an enlightening and rewarding experience meeting with you today doesn't come come close to the satisfaction I felt and the peace I felt inside as I drove home.

Thank you VERY much for the opportunity to sit and discuss the issues I feel that are surmounting myself and my family.

 I've had many readings before. For over 40 years, from the east coast to the west coast, and NEVER have I ever had anyone tap into the heart of what is actually surrounding my family and myself. You NAILED it! I have never met a psychic who was that intuitive. God bless you woman, you are truly a godsend.

 I cannot thank you enough for your time, your honesty and insight today. You confirmed a lot of what I have been told prior to my reading.

Marie, Long Island, NY

The reading that I had with you last night was the best and most informative reading I have ever received and I have been going to readers and mediums for a number of years. You are truly gifted! Thank you so much for sharing your gift.


Andrea C, Long Island, NY

Thank you for the time you shared recently. You've opened my path and provided me with sound clarity. I am eternally grateful for the reading, your generosity, understanding, compassion and thorough analogy to my story. Thank you for the book, I am reading it again. You have grounded my thinking.

Stephanie, Denver, CO

Barbara has thoughtfully used her psychic intuitive abilities along with the symbols in the cards to help me gain insight and clarity.  I have found her readings either affirm my intuition or they provide me with a fresh perspective that I hadn't considered. I always find her readings to be very professional, uplifting and energizing.

Faith Y, W. Babylon, NY

Barbara is a wonderful psychic tarot reader.  Whenever I needed some guidance, her readings have always been very accurate.  She makes it easy for me to stay at peace no matter what is happening around me.  Her compassionate and caring nature allows my readings to really shine.  I have been to Barbara three times in the last year.  She is so amazing. I highly recommend a reading by Barbara.

Allie, NY

Barbara has been my advisor for over a year now and I cannot begin to express my appreciation for this woman. She is always so connected and conscious during my readings. Her knowledge, energy and spirit continue to inspire me to live my best life. Reading with her is not like any other, I was able to talk to her about my creative business background and every aspect of spirituality as she is so cultured and knowledgeable in many areas. After going to many readers to get guidance about my brother who passed on she gave me the massive clarity, peace of mind and insight to continue my own spiritual growth and journey. Not to mention her amazing kindness, wisdom and wonderful personality. She has become more than a reader she is my advisor, therapist and friend. I highly recommend this dear soul. Lots Love and light Barbara!

Lynda, NY

My psychic experience with Barbara was extremely positive. She is very warm, caring and sincere so I immediately felt at ease.

Barbara is both a psychic and a medium and I visited her with an open mind. I didn't know whether she'd sense those trying to contact me or see what's in store for me. Turns out both occurred. People whom I care deeply about came through and she revealed many insights that were both a surprise and comfort to me. It's mind boggling how she was able to communicate those insights to me as she did. 

Then there was the part of the reading that looked at my future. First she 'saw' those people and situations that I'm concerned about with amazing clarity and, again, revealed truths that were both specific and accurate. I left feeling as if I was making many good choices and hopeful for my future. I've seen her several times and plan to go again as each visit revealed more than I hoped for. She is a great choice, trust me.