Training and Certifications

As a curious Gemini, I am always studying and seeking out the latest information on anything metaphysical. It always makes me smile when I am on vacation and someone asks me what I am reading. I am sure they expect that my nose is buried in the latest bestseller. When I tell them my choice for my relaxing vacation is “Tarot and Psychology”, the look on their faces is usually priceless.

Here are some of my certifications and affiliations:

  • Moon manifesting workshop with Yasmin Boland author of the popular book, Moonology and the creator of the Moonology oracle cards – New York City, Fall 2018
  • Weekend workshop on Sound Healing with Tuning Forks – 2018
  • Past life workshop facilitated by internationally renown author and metaphysical teacher Denise Linn – Sedona, Arizona 2017
  • 5 day Mediumship workshop with internationally renown author and professional medium, John Holland – Omega Institute 2016
  • Completion of training modules in Past Life, Kaballah, Court Cards and Tarot Birth cards from The Tarot School, New York
  • Attendee at The Readers Studio International Tarot Conference 2013-2015
  • Angel Mediumship certification from Angelic Mediumship & Mentoring™ Course
  • Angel Numerology certification from Angelic Numerology™ Course
  • Member of American Tarot Association
  • Certified Tarot Master from The Tarot Guild
  • Certified Psychic for Long Island Psychic Fairs, Island Wide Psychic Fairs in Long Island as well as Eyes of Learning (the oldest metaphysical organization on Long Island)
  • Completion of Tarot Counselling for Self and Others course facilitated by internationally renown Tarot teacher James Wells.
  • Resident psychic reader for “Tarot Tuesdays” at Runyons Restaurant in Seaford, NY