Hi, I am Barbara, an Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Healer who has been studying metaphysics and reading tarot since the age of 14. Born in Brooklyn from a lineage of freemasons, I am passionate about helping people.

Here is Where it All Began

As a child, I often heard, saw and felt the presence of spirits growing up in a creaky old Victorian house in Brooklyn. Back then it was scary but as the years progressed, I realized that “the Universe” had a plan for me as a psychic and spiritual advisor.

If only I could remember which relative it was that recognized my unusual gift and gave me my first tarot deck, I would certainly have thanked them from the bottom of my heart.

As it turned out, that simple act eventually changed my life and started me on the path to realizing my true calling. It’s like that sometimes.

“Things happen for a reason. The people you meet affect your life and your successes and downfalls create your desires and shape who you are.”

In later years, I worked hard to achieve a successful professional career working in graphic design and sales for large corporations like General Electric and Liz Claiborne and now I love my second career as an entrepreneur and psychic healer.

You will find me at major psychic fairs across Long Island. I have studied at The Tarot School in New York City and have been an attendee at Readers Studio (the largest tarot conference in the US) since 2013. My experience interacting with world re-known tarot teachers and readers from all over the world has been an invaluable experience as I love sharing ideas, learning new techniques and incorporating them into my sessions and workshops.

My passion is tarot cards but I use a combination of cards, intuition, life experience, clairvoyance (clear vision), clairsentience (clear sensing) and mediumship in my sessions depending on the impressions I get from spirit.

My clairsentience is my strongest “Clair” (gut instinct on steroids) and helps me to empathically feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others including those loved ones on the other side. I also can read auras and incorporate psychometery (the ability receive impressions by holding objects belonging to a person) as well as some astrology into the mix.

Like many of you, I am no stranger to life changing events and the passing of loved ones. I lost my parents early in life and then my husband of many years passed unexpectedly at an early age. It was these emotional experiences and the urging of friends and relatives that inspired me to use my psychic gifts and life experiences as inspiration for others to achieve clarity, heal and move on with their lives after events have left them stuck and spiritually uninspired.

Please visit The Tarot Mistress on youtube for an introduction video.