"Things happen for a reason. The people you meet affect your life and your successes and downfalls create your desires and shape who you are. So Live, Love and always remember to believe in miracles."

The Tarot Mistress



Hi, I am Barbara, an Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Healer who has been studying metaphysics and reading tarot since the age of 14. Born in Brooklyn from a lineage of freemasons, I am passionate about helping people.

Here is Where it All Began

As a child, I often heard, saw and felt the presence of spirits growing up in a creaky old Victorian house in Brooklyn. Back then it was scary but as the years progressed, I realized that “the Universe” had a plan for me as a psychic and spiritual advisor.

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TarotTable4Private Readings

Readings for individuals can be conducted in my home in Merrick (Nassau) or Sag Harbor (Suffolk) on Long Island, NY. Waterfront sunset readings are available in Sag Harbor and phone, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and email readings are available. Rates for individual private readings are determined by the length of time that you require. Sessions are usually 30, 45, or 60 minutes and will conducted at my home or at a place that is mutually convenient as soon as it it safe to do so.

Keep in mind that costs may be affected if I need to travel to your location. Phone and Internet Sessions
 are the same price as individual readings and must be paid via credit card in advance.

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Some History

robin Wood Tarot CardsTarot

The myths and theories about the origins of the Tarot are as numerous as the number of tarot decks themselves. In fact, there are probably as many tarot and oracle decks out there as there are readers since inspired artists through out the centuries have lovingly attempted to capture the mysterious symbolism of the cards as works of art. Stunning new decks are still being created today and some have become important collector items.

One theory is that the Tarot originated in ancient Egypt, a place of great knowledge, secrets, mystery, magic and power. Some historians say that perhaps the “Book of Thoth”, thought to be included in the ill-fated Library of Alexandria destroyed by a great fire, could have been a source of inspiration for the tarot.

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